Feedback is essential to teaching and learning, for teachers as well as students. Whether you’re new to teaching or have decades of experience, our consultants can observe a session of your teaching (in-person or online), provide feedback, and facilitate a conversation about: 

  • enhancing your teaching
  • experimenting with new methods
  • troubleshooting particular classroom challenges

Our rubric (which you are welcome to use on your own) has been designed to provide supportive and descriptive feedback, not evaluation.

We also encourage faculty to observe one another and exchange alternative, constructive perspectives on their teaching. If you have questions about conducting observations using our rubric, or developing a peer review process for your own department or school, please schedule a consultation and we would be happy to discuss further. 

If you would like a CFA consultant to provide feedback on your teaching, you will follow this process: 

  • Request a consultation and indicate your interest in being observed on the form. 
  • Meet with a consultant to discuss your teaching needs, your course, and the rubric.
  • Receive a feedback report following the observation.
  • Meet with your observer to debrief on the class, the report, and next steps for your teaching.

We can also collect mid-semester feedback from your students through a process called small group analysis. This method enables students to share anonymously, within focus groups, what helps or hinders their learning in the course. Faculty receive a detailed report of the findings, which can be applied during the semester.