Immersive Technologies

Spatial computing—a term encompassing virtual, augmented, and mixed reality—is a growing area that offers many unique educational benefits. Our skilled staff can provide support for these software and hardware technologies in a variety of ways:

  • Introductions to the basics of virtual reality hardware and software.
  • Remote and in-person* presentations, workshops, and training for virtual reality and immersive technologies, including Wonda Spaces.  *COVID restrictions apply.
  • Help for users needing assistance with intermediate and advanced XR (eXtended Reality—virtual, augmented, mixed, etc.).
  • Help for users looking to acquire or create content for use in immersive experiences, including applications, 3D models, and other materials.

Examples of immersive technologies at NYU

The Virtual Engagement Utility (VEU) was used to create immersive learning experiences for the Silver School of Social Work, enabling its students to practice fieldwork before actually going into the field. This turned out to be a great pilot project for VEU.

Gallery display of a ceramic sculpture titled Parting Favors, 2007

VR Support for Projects in Ceramics was a collaboration with Linda Sormin, Associate Professor of Studio Art at Steinhardt, to explore the viability of using virtual reality in her ceramics class.

Multimedia Production

Media production includes creation of and consultation on 2D and 3D graphics and animation, as well as video capture, editing, and post-production. These skills can be used to create customized media content, such as: 

  • Course video that consistently explains frequently-covered content. 
  • Animations that visualize abstract or otherwise difficult concepts. 
  • 3D models that build a virtual experience. 
  • Graphic design that customizes presentation of materials.  

Examples of multimedia production at NYU

Still image from a dental training video showing a close-up of a patient's teeth being worked on

Preclinical Dental Training Videos demonstrate the proper use of various tools used in the field by budding dentists. On-location procedural videos together with 2D and 3D animations provide a meticulous visual guide for student practitioners at the College of Dentistry.

3D home scene with elderly female client in a social-work field visit simulation

VEU Simulation 3D Assets are an integral component of a social-work simulation for the Silver School, with a range of graphics and animations from 3D set design to characters with motion-captured facial movements. Users interact with a virtual client, experiencing the next best thing to a home visit in the field.