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An instructor standing at a whiteboard addressing a small circle of seated students
Inclusive Teaching | Student Engagement

Inclusion Through Accountability: Using a Receipt of Syllabus Form

In April, I attended the Center for Faculty Advancement’s Inclusive Teaching workshop. During this session, participants discussed the question of cultivating an inclusive learning environment while affirming student accountability. One strategy I have found effective is the receipt of syllabus…

Title slide from TeachTalk session: "What have we learned about engagement during the pandemic?"
Inclusive Teaching | Student Engagement

Empathy, interaction, and flexibility: NYU students share insights on learning during the pandemic

On March 10, 2022, TeachTalks switched gears. Instead of faculty leading the discussion, six students (four undergraduates and two graduate students) took the virtual stage for What Have We Learned About Engagement During the Pandemic? The Student Perspective. The panelists—coming…