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Teaching Remote in the Performing Arts

Educators in the performing arts were challenged to teach as never before during the pandemic. Remote learning technology has been central to their efforts, but so too has been the imagination of faculty and students to find new ways to communicate, build community, and demonstrate their art to a virtual audience. In this session, Professors Jonathan Haas (music, Steinhardt) and Kathryn Posin (dance, Gallatin) will share how they’ve adapted to the technology of online teaching, as well as how they’ve adapted that technology to what they teach. Jonathan will demonstrate the media networking technology he uses to synchronize music played simultaneously by students at varied locations. Kathryn will show how her students created unique dance pieces in locations throughout the world, and will engage participants in a live movement exercise. Both will also share how and why they intend to continue to integrate what they’ve learned when they return to in-person teaching.