Working across schools and units at the University, our educational designers collaborate with instructors to systematically assess student learning needs to design effective and engaging learning experiences that are geared towards producing specific learning outcomes. Whether it is a face-to-face, hybrid or online course, we work closely with instructors to clarify learning goals, identify effective strategies for student engagement, ensure an inclusive classroom environment for all students, discuss course management, review assessment methods, and much more.

Our Approach 

Our first goal is to create a comfortable, confidential space for you to work through the pedagogical issues you face in your classrooms. Once we’ve identified key challenges and goals, we will work together to design opportunities for your students to apply and reflect on their learning, practice critical thinking, and exercise autonomy as learners and problem-solvers. Together we can think through inclusive, digitally accessible, and usable experiences that—to paraphrase NYU’s mission—embrace diversity and ensure a wide range of perspectives.

Here are some sample requests that we have received:

  • How do I design my course?
  • How do I flip my class?
  • How do I engage my students more?
  • How can I make sure students are learning what I want them to learn?
  • How can I ensure that students have access to learning opportunities?
  • How can I encourage student collaboration in my course?
  • How can I ensure that the students’ learning experience is inclusive?
  • How can I address some of the challenges I face in my classroom?

What to Expect

  • If you would like to speak to an educational designer about your course or teaching, please request a consultation.
  • Once we receive your completed form, we will connect you with an educational designer. You’ll hear from us within the week.
  • To accommodate all NYU faculty, consultations are currently done remotely via video conference (Zoom).
  • Most consultations will be 30-50 minutes. If more than an hour is needed, we’re happy to schedule another session.
  • During the initial conversation, we will talk through your key challenges and goals and brainstorm together some possible solutions. Some consultation requests suggest larger innovative projects. In such cases, we can discuss further how we can expand our collaboration together which may involve subsequent meetings. Some requests are also best suited to other NYU teams, and in such cases we’ll connect you to the appropriate resource.
  • After the consultation, you will receive a follow-up survey to help us improve our service. We very much appreciate your response!